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Best digital marketing consultant in Chennai

Aarif Ahmed [digital Aarif] is the best digital marketing consultant in Chennai. Founder of Funnel Ark – Digital Marketing Agency serving all worldwide. Aarif Ahmed worked on various digital marketing projects from industries to industries. Digital Aarif [digital marketing consultant in chennai] helped a lot of small businesses to grow even in the lockdown.

Most of the businesses are suffering the loss in this lockdown and digital Aarif [digital marketing consultant in chennai] being the helping hand helped to sustain by bringing a lot of high quality leads to the business, thus being the game-changer of this century.

Who is Aarif Ahmed?

Aarif Ahmed – commonly known as digital Aarif – is the founder of funnel ark digital agency, having a track record of 3+ years of experience in digital marketing. He is one of the best Digital Marketing Consultant in Chennai.

Why people prefer Digital Aarif [Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Chennai]?

Digital Aarif [digital marketing consultant in chennai] has 5/5 reviews on Google. The reason is that the services are affordable, and help the website to rank on Google way faster than anyone else through white hat SEO. Services are starting at 199 Rs/- only. It is highly affordable to almost all kinds of businesses from small scale industry to MNC’s. “We prefer quality services and we will continue to give more of that for various industries even shortly.

What are the courses taught by Aarif Ahmed [Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Chennai]?

Digital Aarif – best digital marketing consultant in Chennai – involved in various online courses and course platforms through funnel Ark. Training 4954 students through online and training videos are sold worldwide. Funnel Ark provides courses on Udemy, Nlighton, and why not even in the Funnel Ark training program.

For more information,

you can check Funnel Ark – “Learn Complete Digital Marketing Course Online” Program

Services provided by Aarif Ahmed – best digital marketing consultant in Chennai:

Social media advertisement:

Social media advertisements include Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Linkedin ads, and Twitter ads. Leads are guaranteed and 100% ad maintenance is done regularly.

We have launched several campaigns for various geographics and demographics – running hyper-targeted campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization:

Helping businesses to rank their website on Google Search effectively through white hat SEO.

We have ranked several websites including Datamorphix, Supersun Entreprises, It expert training, self-help for youth, and much more!

Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing includes providing google Ads, and Youtube ads for various niche industries. We have also executed campaigns for top companies like Green Leaf Chennai.

Other Services:

Includes Email Marketing, Influence Marketing, Growth hacks, WordPress website development, Post creation, logo designs, and Much More! The quality of our service will be the best in class. That’s why we consider you one of the best digital marketing consultants in Chennai.

Our Services are available on Fiverr and Upwork. You can also go through the services on the Funnel Ark Website for more details.

If you can look for the best digital marketing consultant in Chennai you can in the right place.


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